15 Reasons Why You Should Play Board Games

Board games are becoming more and more popular nowadays. The main reason for this is that in addition to fun, board games bring a lot of positive results for both children and adults. The range of board games is so large that people of any age, taste and interests can discover its suitable game.

Board games are devoted to numerous studies and articles, based on which we present 15 reasons why everyone should play board games:

1) Spend time with family members

With a busy schedule, each person has very little time left for family, but even this little time is devoted to TV, computer or telephone. Fun with family members has been almost forgotten under the influence of modern technology. Board games are a great way to solve this problem, which will unite each family member around one table and remind you of how valuable the time spent together is.

2) Promote the development of the child.

Board games play an important role in a child’s health and brain development. It helps children develop logic, reasoning, communication, concentration, attention to detail, space perception and cognitive skills.

3) Unload, get pleasure and charge with positive emotions

Laughter and fun are the “side effects” of board games that can help you get pleasure and get rid of your problems and worries. Having a good time helps a person cope with stress, which is why board games are considered to be one of the best ways to deal with stress and tension. According to an online survey conducted by the company “RealNetworks”, 53% of the population plays board games to relieve stress.

4) Improve memory

To win in board games it is very important to remember the moves made by the opponents, their strategy and other important details that will help you make the right decisions in the next stage of the game. Along with having fun, this also trains your mind and after a certain period of time you will be surprised and your memory will noticeably improve. According to a study conducted at the University of Toronto, students who played board games more often were able to memorize details much faster and make decisions quickly. Get involved in board games and in a little while you will be able to find this hard-to-find car key without turning the whole house upside down.

5) Turn off the screens

One of the biggest advantages of board games is that it helps us get rid of screens. It does not require the use of telephone, tablet and computer resources and forces us to get rid of them for some time, which is the most important train in today’s reality.

6) Become more creative and confident

Board games are a great way to start a conversation and a relationship. This circumstance is especially important for shy people who find it difficult to start relationships with strangers and talk openly with them. The game allows them to perform certain actions and establish communication with other players, which in turn opens their complexes and makes them more self-confident.

7) Pay attention to details

In specific board games you need skills through which you will be able to find out when your opponent is trying to lie and when he is telling the truth, what character he has and what character you will show yourself. This will help you to focus on the small details that may seem insignificant at first glance, but you can get the most out of it. Applying this knowledge in real life can be very rewarding.

8) Have fun and have fun

Board games stimulate the release of endorphins, hormones of happiness and joy in the human body. Endorphins cause a good mood and happiness in a person, which is ultimately a prerequisite for a pleasant pastime.

9) Regulate blood pressure

Along with reducing stress and releasing endorphins, board games are effective in regulating blood pressure. It has been scientifically proven that the release of endorphins pushes the muscles to relax and the blood circulates more easily in the body, thus regulating blood pressure.

10) Become purposeful

Winning board games requires the right strategy and patience. Mastering these skills in a happy, stress-free environment is undoubtedly of great benefit to people of any age.

11) Strengthen the immune system

Studies have shown that a negative environment, depression and stress can reduce the body’s ability to fight disease. At the same time, positive emotions and thoughts such as laughter, pleasure, fun and other positive emotions that always accompany board games, fight stress and strengthen your immune system.

12) Reduce the risk of developing mental illness

One of the major benefits of board games is that they reduce the risk of developing mental illness, such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Involvement in board games causes the mind to strain, which means training and strengthening it, and the stronger the brain cells the lower the risk of developing such diseases.

13) Train your mind

Board games are a wonderful exercise for the brain, they stimulate areas of the brain that are responsible for the formation of thinking and memory. Games help you to practice cognitive skills such as problem solving skills, decision making skills and more.

14) Deepen relationships

No one plays board games alone, because their main principle is cooperation. Gather to play games like family, friends, colleagues and any social group who wants to have a fun and exciting time. It does not matter if you want to make new friends or have fun with old friends – board games are just a way to spend time in a pleasant environment and get to know those around you better.

15) Board games are much more economical than video games

Given the fact that video games are a prerequisite for many diseases, it is a much more expensive pleasure than board games. Most of the extra online games involve additional fees for gambling. From computer games to board games, one small step is needed to finally convince you of the benefits of board games.

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